Gas, Water, & Wastewater

The City of Iola has two departments that work together to provide gas, water, and wastewater to the residents and businesses.

Water Treatment Department

This department collects water from the Neosho River and treats it, making it safe for human consumption. They maintain the water treatment facilities, which are in operation most of 24 hours a day.

The Water Treatment Department also maintains the wastewater lagoons. The lagoons are a three-cell system that covers 102 surface acres and treats all of the Wastewater collected through the sewer system.

Both treatment facilities are monitored by personnel and report to state regulatory agencies such as KDHE and the EPA.

Gas, Water, & Waste Water Distribution Department

This department operates and maintains all distribution lines for gas, water and wastewater. They maintain a gas distribution system of 54 miles of gas mains and all meters in the system. A water distribution system of 90 miles of water mains and all meters as well as 75 miles of wastewater mains.

The distribution department reports to state regulatory agencies such as KDHE and KCC.

Smelling Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the safest fuels available. It makes sense, though, to know what to do in case of a natural gas leak.

If you smell natural gas, take fast action:

  • Leave the building immediately.
  • Do not attempt to locate the leak yourself.
  • Do not turn lights on or off, or operate or unplug appliances.
  • Do not use telephones in or near the building.
  • Do not operate or move vehicles or other equipment.
  • Once you are safely away from the building, call the Gas Utility 24 Hour emergency phone number 620-365-1437 or 911.