Solid Waste

Iola provides twice a week pick up of solid waste to residential customers. Such a service normally occurs weekly in most Kansas towns. This service has some of the lowest fees in Kansas. The City of Iola does not pick up commercial and industrial waste. Please contact the City for a list of private haulers.

Clean Up Week

Twice annually, once during spring, and once during the fall season, the City hosts Clean Up Week. The Solid Waste Department, along with Streets and Alleys personnel pick up yard debris, and certain household debris from the roadside of your property free of charge. Sign up is required. Future announcements will be made on the home page.

Trash Pick up Schedule

Note: Requires Adobe Reader. By taking advantage of the zoom feature of your browser, enlarge the maps to 200% to 300% for easy viewing. The purple cross-hatched areas on the maps are the pick-up areas for that particular map.

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