Allen County Farmers' Market

The Allen County Farmers' Market is an open-air market with four locations - two in Iola, one in Moran and one in Humboldt! 

Vendors either set up in parking spots in the middle of the barricaded street or parking lot and sell to shoppers. Vision, SNAP, Kansas SFMNP vouchers, and debit cards are accepted. Numerous cooking demonstrations are shared during the season as well as local talent, musicians and entertainers perform weekly during the season. 

Community organizations can sign up for either of the 2 free spots to distribute information or raise funds for their cause. A Reading Roundup, sponsored by Allen County Farm Bureau Association, is hosted by Allen County volunteers for children who visit the market with their parents during Thursdays' market.

Sponsored by From the Land of Kansas

Funding for this project was provided in part by the Health Forward Foundation.