Convention & Tourism Board


  • As needed


  • Appointed by Mayor/Commissioner. Takes minutes and assists - Able to vote


Terms for the convention and tourism board are two years long.

Board Goals

The Convention and Tourism Committee consists of at least five but no more than nine members with members representing the City Council or city staff, a representative of the Chamber of Commerce, a representative of the hotel and motel industry and two citizens-at-large. Two members may reside outside the City of Iola. All other members shall be residents of the City. The Committee is appointed by the Mayor with approval of the Council. Money is received quarterly from the State of Kansas based upon the gross rental receipts collected by the motel business. 

Applications are made available to those desiring to be considered a worthy recipient of the funds. The Committee meets with a representative from each request. They select projects they feel are worthy of the funds. The recommendations of the committee are presented to the Governing Body for approval.